Monday, January 2, 2012

Teapot assignment (Int./Adv.) 1/4/12


For your next project, you will make a teapot. This assignment was given last year; please see the AAW 3D ART blog post here. Read it and look at the pictures. NOTE: when you get to the part that says "DIRECTIONS for TODAY", ignore what is on THAT blog post and follow the directions BELOW on THIS blog post.


Do your online research as indicated on the other blog post. Then, instead of making a comment, PRINT copies of teapots that you like. The idea here is to find some teapots that will inspire you in the creation of YOUR teapot.

TURN IN at least 5 pictures of teapots that you like. Do this by the end of class today. Make sure that they are stapled together, and put your name on the top page. They will be returned to you tomorrow during class.

FOR TOMORROW: be ready to start sketching up some ideas for your teapot design.

DUE DATE: Your teapot will be due on Thursday, January 19th. Friday the 20th is the last day of the semester. We will have a class critique on that day; it will also be a make-up day for people that have been out with excused absences.

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