Friday, April 27, 2012

We make a George Segal style plaster sculpture

Sculptor George Segal is known for his plaster sculptures of people. Segal created his sculptures by wrapping models with plaster cloth. (This is the same material that you may have had a doctor put on your broken arm.)

I decided that I would like to try it with our Intermediate/Advanced 3D class. This was our first attempt at doing this. We started with each student making a cast of an individual body part. After they were made, we hung them on the wall of the art room. After that, we began work on a full figure. After some discussion, we decided to just do the front side of the model and mount the cast onto a board.

The photos below document our progress throughout the project, from start to finish and final installation. For a first attempt at doing this, were were all quite pleased with how it came out.

(Click on the photos to see them at a larger size.)

George Segal, 1962

Our Artist-in-Residence Diane Kramer gives some assistance.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Beginning 3D - Assignment: "Prehistoric Venus" Sculpture

Assignment for Monday, April 9, 2012

Venus of Lespugue, 23,ooo B.C., 6 inches tall, ivory carving

This class did this assignment last year. (Most of the students really enjoyed it, and their sculptures looked great!) Please follow the link to the blog post that was made at that time. Read the entire post and follow the directions. You will be required to answer some questions by making a "comment" at the bottom of the post.

Click HERE to link to the original post.