Saturday, January 1, 2011

Teapot assignment (Int. and Adv.) 1/3/11


For your next project, you will make a teapot. The teapot is a favorite object of many ceramic artists. There is a lot of history and tradition world-wide regarding teapots and tea in general.

The "tea ceremony" can be found in both Western and Eastern civilization. In Asia the tea ceremony goes back hundreds of years. The Japanese tea ceremony is highly ritualistic-- everything must be done a certain way. Likewise, the British "afternoon tea" also follows a specific procedure. In both cases, the vessels, tools, and so forth are carefully defined.

So, when a ceramic artist sets out to make a teapot, there are several things to consider...

Traditional vs. Non-traditional

As mentioned above, there is a long tradition in teapots regarding style, form, etc. Some contemporary artists prefer to make their teapots within the tradition, while others use a more non-traditional or individualistic way of making a teapot. Over time, the teapot has come to be a way for artists to express themselves in any number of number of ways.

Korea, 13th century

China, 18th century



Functional vs. Non-functional

A traditional teapot will of course be functional. In other words, its main purpose and function is for making and serving tea. A non-traditional teapot may still be functional, but it does not have to be: this is where the artist can really get creative!

Non-traditional, but functional

Definitely non-functional-- 18 inches tall!

Your assignment for today:

Using Google image search (or something similar), find some teapots that you especially like. The idea here has two points-- first, to see what's out there in the world of artist-made teapots (not commercially manufactured), and second, to find some teapots that are particularly inspiring to you. Hopefully this will help you in coming up with some ideas for your teapots!

Image search keywords-- Try combining the word teapot with some of the following: stoneware, earthenware, traditional, contemporary, non-functional, abstract, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Ming, Tang, celadon, or anything else you can think of.


You are to make a "comment" on this blog post, and give links to at least five teapots. For each teapot, briefly explain why you selected it.

To make a comment, go to the bottom of this post and click on the word comments; you can then select anonymous from the pop-up menu, but YOU NEED TO PUT YOUR NAME ON YOUR COMMENT to receive credit for this assignment.

Also... you can also print pictures of a couple of teapots if you wish, but it is not required.


Be prepared to create sketches of designs for your teapot.


RJ said...

This is a really cool "steampunk" teapot. Definitely non-traditional, but still functional. It's even dishwasher-safe! I like how the artist has used an actual pressure gauge for the handle on the lid!


Anonymous said...

Kyle Smith
this 1 inspired me becuz it is both elegant and sleek or smooth
this one has a very clear, solid color that isnt snudged or weak, a nice good coat.
this one is a nice design w/a solid coat on it as its a cookie! ^-^
i truely enjoy this pot becuz it is simple, yet broad and in ur face w/the blue it is glazed with.
tho this teapot is not clay, it is a very nice set of colors that compliment each other.

Anonymous said...

I like the femininity from the colors and flower-like textures.

I like the simplicity and the double handles.

I like the subtle texture.

I love how it's really abstract but still follows the basic design elements of a teapot.

I really love the glaze color on this one and perfect attention to detail without being over the top.

- Becca turner

Anonymous said...

I especially like the handles on these pieces.

The glaze on this one is interesting.

This one must've taken a lot of time.

This one is a pretty basic shape, but the art on the teapot makes it stand out.

This one's made of glass as opposed to clay, but it's still really pretty.

~Shelby Pennington

Anonymous said...

Molly Jeffrey

I really like how realistic this teapot looks.

I really like all of the colors and the shape of these teapots.

I love how bold the orange looks on this teapot also the shape is very interesting.

I really dig the stripes on this teapot.

I love the glaze on this teapot and I also love how long the handle is.

Anonymous said...

Caitlin DeMara
I enjoy the terra cotta teapots the most. he fact that the handle is a differnt medium is also very cool.
I like when the designs are detailed on top of teh ceramic. It then becomes almost two projects: the construction and then the painting of it.,r:6,s:39&tx=64&ty=77
I adore the glazing of this and how tall it is.,r:12,s:72&tx=39&ty=36
the speckled glazes of these two and the architecture of the teapots is very aesthetically pleasing.,r:3,s:135&tx=61&ty=89
The colors on this pot remind me of copper and of fire. I love the handle and the overall look of this piece.

Anonymous said...

I love the unique almost organic shape of it, and those warm colors are gorgeous!

The deep grey-green colors of this one initially attracted me, though I beleive it's a pitcher instead fo a teapot, but I like it none the less.

I love the humble, simplistic, rustic look of this one.

I love the metalwork on this one, and it's so distinctly Tibetan. I love the art and architechture that originates from that part of the world, so unique.

The moment I saw this one, I knew it was Tibetan! Again, I love the style of art from this area.

~Lindsey Burcar

Anonymous said...

This teapot is not a traditional teapot but I really like the shape of it. I also like the way it is glazed.
This teapot has a pretty neat lid. I like the shape of the handle on the lid, it isn't like most handles. The glaze is pretty interesting as well.
I really love all the detial in this teapot. The artist put a lot of work into this teapot and it looks amazing. I also like the handle to the teapot. The way it curls is pretty interesting and different.
I like the way this teapot looks. It kind of looks like a teapot on another teapot. It doesn't seem like a traditional teapot but it seems like it would be functional.
I like how the lid of this teapot kind of sinks into it. The glaze looks really cool also. Like the way the yellow and the white blends into each other.
I know I already have posts, but I really love the way the glaze looks on this teapot. All the colors together look really amazing.

Anonymous said...

Madeline Toro

I like how they used the shape of the animals long neck as the long spout for the teapot.

The design on this pot is very interesting.

The texture is really cool, and the shape is non-traditional. I also like how the lid is like that of a bottle with a cork.

I love how simple this is. Im leaning towards doing a very simple modern looking teapot.

Again, this one is very simple and I love the details in the handle.

Marcus Jones said...

I like the non functional one because its cool looking and very unique

DennisJ said...

Really cool and creative artwork.

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Assignment Help said...

I love how bold the orange looks on this teapot also the shape is very interesting.
I like the way this teapot looks. It kind of looks like a teapot on another teapot. It doesn't seem like a traditional teapot but it seems like it would be functional.
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