Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Online research assignment: Ceramic bottles

You are going to be researching photos of ceramic bottles online, and posting your research on the 3D Art blog. The bottles you select should have a high level of artistic quality.

Open a second window (ctrl+N)

In the second window, go to

At the top of the window, click on “images”

Do a “google image search” for: ceramic bottle, clay bottle, stoneware bottle, etc.

Find some examples of bottles that you like, and follow the link to the website where the picture is located.(ceramic/art bottles, not wine bottles etc.)

Copy the url (web address)

Go back to the 3D Art Blog in the other window

Click on Comments. This will take you to the “Post a Comment” window

Paste the url of the photo/website you want me to look at.

Repeat this process

You are required to show at least three examples, so you will need to choose three pictures that you like, and paste the url for each of the three pictures/websites into your “comment” on the blog.

So, your “comment” should consist of the three urls/addresses, and YOUR NAME.

(I have posted the first comment, so you can see what I am looking for. Of course, you need to find your own bottles, don't use the ones I posted!)

If you finish early, please either 1) look at more ceramics websites, or 2) start searching for "assemblage art".