Thursday, December 1, 2011

Assignment: Relief Tiles (3D Int/Adv)


For your next project, you will be creating a set of relief tiles. Relief is a type of sculpture in which the design stands out from the surface. In stone or wood relief sculpture, the background must be cut away from the main object. In creating a relief sculpture in clay, you can cut the background away, add clay to the surface, or do both. Relief sculpture where the objects remain close to the surface is called low relief, and is sometime referred to as bas-relief. You probably have some low relief sculptures in your pocket or purse-- coins!

Relief tiles are essentially low relief sculptures.

The exact details of this assignment are yet to be determined; today you will be doing some research. You will probably be making four or six tiles for this project.

Please do some searching online for pictures of relief tiles. You may also want to take a look at some other relief sculpture as well.

TODAY'S ASSIGNMENT: find pictures of several relief tiles that you like, download the pics and drop them into a Word document. Print a copy to use as reference. Please turn this in at the end of class today; it will be returned to you during our next class period.

Tiles from Pewabic Pottery in... Detroit!

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