Sunday, November 13, 2011

Abstract Relief Sculpture

Our combined Intermediate/Advanced 3D Art class recently created an abstract relief sculpture made out of wood. It was a class project, and it was installed on an exterior wall of our school.

The project was inspired by the work of Detroit artist Charles McGee. McGee has been one of the shining lights in the Detroit art world for several decades. Originally a painter, his work now includes a wide range of styles and media, including sculpture.

Charles McGee

Here is our our finished class project:

The process:

Special thanks to our custodian Vince, who played a big part in the final installation, and to Jill and Nate who stayed after school to help with the job.


Artistas Gráficos said...

Very good work!!! *****

kayla clark said...


Nena said...

I love your project. It is a shame my school can be so close minded. I can't put a spot on paint on the walls or anywhere else. I'm very lucky I am even allowed to do chalk art.

RJ said...

Thanks, Nena, much appreciated. Hey, maybe you should show your teacher our blog!