Friday, May 13, 2011

Student Art: First Jewelry Projects

Teacher sample pieces

3D Art @ AAW has recently added metal jewelry-making to our program. To start with, students are learning to fasten pieces of sheet metal together with "cold connections". Skills involve the following: cutting with a jeweler's saw, making rivets and tube rivets, connecting with rivets, adding texture, making jump rings, and adding a surface patina using a solution of liver of sulphur. At this point we are using brass, copper, and nickel.

Assignment #1: riveting sample, connecting two pieces of sheet metal; texture, patina.

Kaitlyn Barnowski

Sarah May

Molly Jeffrey

Assignment #2: pendant using two layers of sheet metal, w/ hole in top piece of metal.

Emma Jeffrey

Molly Jeffrey

Madeline Toro

Lindsey Burcar

Sarah May

Caitlin DeMara

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