Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Gates of Hell

The door to the 3D Art room was looking kind of dull. I decided to have the students create a relief sculpture on the door, based on Rodin's Gates of Hell. The medium would be paper-maché.

Rodin, Gates of Hell

After the class did some research in the computer lab, I had each student create an individual component to be attached to the door.

(click on images for a larger view)

At this point, they weren't very excited about the project. I knew what it could end up looking like, but I think they just couldn't visualize it very well. As we transitioned into our metal jewelry-making unit, they pretty much lost interest in the door.

After a while, I put the squeeze on a couple kids to paint it with primer. Now it was starting to look like something. Where it had been difficult to see with all of the newspaper showing, now we could really see what it looked like. Interest was renewed; a lot of people were stopping to look as they walked down the hall.

On to the final paint job. After a base coat of dark brown, bronze colored acrylic paint was applied. Voila!

I'm really pleased with how this project turned out. It lived up to what I had hoped for, and more! Congrats to my students for hitting a home run on this one.


Nena said...

Oh, very nice. Lucky you to have administrators that would allow you to do this.

RJ said...

Well, we ARE a school for the arts. They like it when we do stuff like this! :-D


Artistas Gráficos said...

Your works inspire me!!!!