Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Outdoor Installation Art: The Heidelberg Project / The Caroline Project

Our combined Intermediate/Advanced 3D Art class recently took a trip to The Heidelberg Project in Detroit. The Heidelberg Project is an outdoor art installation on Heidelberg Street, created over several years by Detroit artist Tyree Guyton. Guyton took a devastated inner city neighborhood street and turned it into a work of art.

Some people view the Heidelberg Project as art; others view it as trash and an eyesore. It raises the question, "What is ART?" This is not an easy question to answer, and ultimately one could argue that it is in large part up to the viewer to decide.


Is is art, or is it trash?


Our 3D class is going to create an art installation on our school grounds. Our school is on Caroline Street-- hence the name The Caroline Project. We are taking our inspiration from the Heidelberg Project. We are located in a residential area, with neighbors directly across the street. Our school is located in Fraser, an upper-east-side blue-collar suburb of Detroit. It may be interesting to see how our neighbors respond to this project. As of this writing, we are on day two of our installation project. Here are a few photos, with more to come as the project progresses.

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